Fifth Ward Elementary School

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Faculty & Staff

Fifth Ward Elementary Name of Employee Room or Office Assigment Teach/Content
Principal Vaughn, B. Front Office (Principal's Office) Principal
Assistant Principal Davis, R. Room 307 Asst. Principal
Assistant Principal Chaney, R. Room 408 Asst. Principal
Principal Intern Populus, R. Front Office  Principal Fellow
School Social Worker Hall, S.    
School Counselor Mills, C. Room 301 Counselor
TAP Master Teacher McDonald, A. Room 302 (Cluster Room) ELA/SS/Enrichment
TAP Master Teacher  Vandyke, A. Room 304 (Cluster Room) PreK/Math/Science
Acting Disciplinarian Harvey, J. Room 415 Disciplinarian
12 Month Secretary Goudia, K. Front Office Desk / Bookkeeper Office  
10 Month Secretary Major, L. Front Office Desk  
School Nurse Louque, M. Front Office (Nurse's Station)  
Kindergarten-4 Porter, J. Room 508 ALL
  Charles, L. Room 503 ALL
                                                              Adams, A. Room 505 ALL
  Wilson, A. Room 506 ALL
First Grade-4 Babin, J. Room 308 ALL
  Jones, M. Room 309 ALL
                                                              Campbell, B. Room 310 ALL
  Green, J. Room 305 ALL
Second Grade -5 Sewell, N. Room 312 MATH/SCI
  Gross, L. Room 315 ELA/SS
  Panyanouvong, T. Room 314 MATH/SCI
  Clark, D. Room 311 ELA/SS
Third Grade -4 Porter, A. Room 406 MATH/SS
  Carter, R. Room 405 MATH/SS
  Williams, L. Room 403 ELA/SS
  Smith, A. Room 404 ELA/SS
Fourth Grade 4 Bailey, A. Room 414 MATH
  O'Connor, C. Room 413 SCI/SS
  Shuhart, M. Room 411 ELA/SS
                    Enrichment - 5 Armstrong, D. Room 415 Art
  Smith, L. Room 510 P.E. 
  Duhon, A. Room 512 P.E.
  Butler, R.  400 Hall Computer Lab
  LeBlanc-Hampton, T. Room 316 Music
  Crosby, A. 300 Hall Computer Lab
Special Ed - 8 Alexander, J. 306 1-2 Grade Inclusion
  Gatlin, D. 306 1-2 Grade Inclusion
  Hall, V. 409 3-4 Grade Inclusion
  Johnson, G. 306 2nd Grade Inclusion
  Johnson, R. 502 Kindergarten Inclusion
  Strong, J. 410 Resource
  Seberre, D. 501 Kindergarten Inclusion
  Trepagnier, V. 409 3-4 Grade Inclusion
  Williams, R. 507 Connectors Class
Special Ed Aides 4 Hall, S. Room 409 Resource/4th Grade
  Oubre, H. Float 1st Grade
  Sumler, N. Float 2nd Grade
  Scott, J. Float 3rd Grade
  Mathieu, T. Room 409 Resource/3rd Grade
  Gardner, D. Room 409 Child Specific (4th Grade)
ISSP Aide Williams-Sims, F. Room 416 In School Suspension
10 mth school secretary Major, L.    
12 mth school secretary Goudia, K.    
 Head Custodian McGuffy, Loren    
                      Custodian Criddle, Allison    
Custodian TBA    
Custodian Martin, Julie    
CafĂ© Manager Byers, J.    
Lunch Technician  Wilson, R.    
Lunch Technician  Pollard, C.    
Lunch Technician  Lumar, V.    
Lunch Technician  Lumar, M.    
Lunch Technician  Ford, C.